Calibration problems  

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Hello, i’ve had the prusa i3mk3s for almost a year, i’ve printed for a year just fine, but now, i’ve had to move, so i transported it with all the recomendations, i set it all up, and did a wizard calibration, it all went fine, i printed a bunch of stuff, and then, a print crashed and the auto home was changed, and then a bunch of stuff started happening. When i did mesh leveling, it made weird sounds and it didnt move smoothly. I read a lot of answers in prusa forums, and managed to resolve it, so i tried to print something, it crashed and it all happened again, the auto home changed, when i tried selftest, the x axis had error, there’s nothing blocking it, and when trying first level calibration, it didnt move and it made rattling noises. I’m pretty new at fixing issues, haven’t had any major issues before. Please, can anyone help me? 
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Posted : 10/05/2020 10:31 pm
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Hi Jose, 
It may be time for a bit of Maintenance

regards Joan


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