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Buying MK3S - Kit or Ready Assembled....??  

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RE: Buying MK3S - Kit or Ready Assembled....??

As a total newbie into 3D printing, but with some experience in generic DIY and crafting, it took me about 3 evenings to build it step-by-step. The manual was really easy to follow. Just don't take shortcuts, really. Every time I thought that I could take a shortcut, I was glad that I didn't a page or two later.

Where I got stuck for a bit was AFTER building it, with the usual and already mentioned "pressing reset instead of confirm button" and not sure how to know the correct look of the 1st layer - but the pre-build printer wouldn't help me there. And when I eventually got filament stuck in the PTFE tube, I had an idea how to get this part of the extruder apart without total disassembly.

So my takeaway is: if it's your first printer, and you can put together some screws, build it yourself. It will help you understand how the machine works. Because sooner or later, you will have to fix or unstuck something. But if you already know what to do and it's not your first printer - then I would guess that it is just a question of comparing the money to your time.

Posted : 18/05/2020 6:37 am
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RE: Buying MK3S - Kit or Ready Assembled....??
Posted by: @rob99

Thanks all for the very useful debate.


My preference would normally be to buy the kit as I enjoy putting stuff together and it would probably satisfy my OCD side more, knowing it has been put together as I wanted it. If I were retired (almost, but not quite) it would be a no-brainer for me as I'd have plenty of time to put it together properly.


However, as I'm still working that's less clear cut as I have considerably less time, so I'd appreciate some advice on how many hours does it take to assemble, assuming no problems, and what about the warranty? Presumably individual parts must be covered but no guarantee on the assembled printer working as it should.






How long it might take you to assemble depends on how mechanically adroit you are and previous experience with building things. Prusa states about 8 to 10 hours for most people to finish a build. I took about 14 hours to assemble mine. Not because it was difficult, it was not, but because I took my time because during this pandemic lockdown, there was little else for me to do. And my "union" requires a lot of tea breaks. 🤣 I could have pretty easily finished it in 8 hours had I really worked at it.

I did find the manual to be very clear and concise. With the written instructions to be precise and the photographs clear. The experience of the build was well worth the money saved for me.

Posted : 18/05/2020 2:14 pm
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RE: Buying MK3S - Kit or Ready Assembled....??


Interesting that you mention the Sidewinder X1 as I hadn't spotted that when looking around.

Any thoughts as to whether it might be a contender as a first printer for me to consider? The larger print bed and z-axis seems a good positive and at a very good price.

Posted : 19/05/2020 5:14 pm
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