ABS Profile Optimization: Speeds, Extrusion Multiplier & ESTEPS
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ABS Profile Optimization: Speeds, Extrusion Multiplier & ESTEPS  

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ABS Profile Optimization: Speeds, Extrusion Multiplier & ESTEPS

I have a few questions for people that print a ton of ABS.

I own several printers from different manufacturers.
I have read alot of things about printing ABS over past couple of years and I am always trying to learn new techniques from other people.
I am not happy with the stock profile and I am search for the best settings that users have found.
I generally create a new profile for each filament that I use but this time I am looking for outside feedback. 
I am using a Mk3 and PrusaSlicer 2.1.0.
I use ESUN ABS and Zyltech ABS. The colors are red and black. I typically dry my filament with a PrintDry.
I am running firmware 3.8.1 and my LiveZ height is set to -.560 using the smooth build plate. I am printing with a .04 Olsson Ruby nozzle.

The Questions:
1. Is there any reliable place to find User Create Filament profiles? 
2. What speeds do you typically print ABS at? 
3. What extrusion multiplier do you use for printing ABS.
Have you found a surefire way to get the right multiplier without printing multiple samples?
4. Do you typically calibrate your ESTEPS for every filament?
I have seen the argument that you don't have to because the Bondtech gears etc and it's not convincing considering filament tolerances change from brand to brand and when filament gains or loses moisture.
5. What Retraction settings do you use?
6. Do you ever use the Filament Overrides?
7. Do you ever use a fan?  (I leave mine off.) 
8. Is there any one brand that you have found to have consistent extrusion out of the box?
9. What is the best color you have found to print in ABS?
10. Do you have any ABS specific start GCODE?

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