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[Solved] XYZ Calibration Failure - have no clue what else to do  

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XYZ Calibration Failure - have no clue what else to do

hi Need some help..


Been printing for some time now, almost constantly since i received the printer.
Today a print failed and the head crashed against the print.
To make sure everything was ok, decided to perform the calibrations.
Axis calibrations failed few time till libricated the axis and adjusted the cable harness.
Them Moved to XYZ an getting the following message. “XYZ calibration failed. Please consult the manual”
No much troubleshooting for this message online but performed the following.
 - Followd the instructions on the LCD.
 - Ensured the cable do not touch either side while moving on the x axis
 - doubled check the extruder assembly for moved and validated the extruder is in the correct possition
 - Checked the PINDA probe  position
 - PINDA is   working validated it is working (followed the steps that suggest to look for a change in value on the LCD under Support -> PINDA) 

The probe is working and can used it is responding during the XYZ calibration process)
I an at a lose Not sure what else to check.
Did check the bed alliment and adjusted the u screws to secure the bearings.Here is a video: 

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Posted : 21/09/2020 2:28 am
Peter M
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RE: XYZ Calibration Failure - have no clue what else to do

If you crash against a model or move the printer, you only have to do a z-calibration, the full xyz calibration is normally not needed.

Check the whole printer for loose parts, extruder loose, all bolts etc. Also check the belts.

- Move extruder to the top, see if it hits the top left/right at the same time.

After moving extruder to the top, to make the x-axis level, move down, to see if the bed is at the same level, if nozzle left and right side are at even height.

Adjust the pinda probe higher or lower in a few steps, and test if all works, start with prusa manual settings for pinda probe.

If you think you have a cable fault, renew this.

Pinda and other cables you should have laying around as spare.

Keep the maintenance up, is important, clean and oil the printer every few rolls, a few drops of oil will help to prevent problems.


Posted : 23/09/2020 9:50 am