Waves on the first layer + clicking  

DAC System Tomasz Kosiak
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I've just assembled my MK3S and it printed first models very well ( from PLA filament which was attached to our package from PRUSA) You can see it in the pics- silver colour of filament. Then I've changed filament to PETG, and I've noticed first issues. I can hear regular clicking near Y motor. I' ve checked tension of belts- it's okay according to prusa guide book. Belts move freely and do not touch anything. That clicking appears only during infill, when the bed moves quite fast. First layer got strange waves, as you can see in the picture and it sticks to the bed sooo hard ! Do you have any ideas what can I change to get rid of that clicking and get back to the perfect smooth layer?

Posted : 17/12/2020 2:32 pm
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Z calibration.

Your nozzle is not high enough.

Posted : 17/12/2020 2:49 pm
Peter M
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Petg needs window cleaner on the bed, with the pei steel sheet.

petg on powder coated bed needs no window cleaner, use this bed for petg.

PLA print best on pei steel sheet. PLA on powder coated bed is not as good.

First layer calibration, on youtube you can find movies on how to do this.


Posted : 17/12/2020 9:21 pm
Peter M
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First layer calibration, print a few cubes, and move the z layer in steps higher, then the wave lines should go away.

Your first layer should not have holes, and the lines should be 1 part.

Posted : 17/12/2020 9:23 pm

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