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Successful build and first prints  

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Successful build and first prints

Very happy with the build process and ease of setting up and calibrating. The first prints, all shown here, were achieved without fuss, although initially some "live-Z" tuning was required and first layer speed and bed temperature needed tweaking. The measured bed temperature is 5 degrees below the set value and I suspect this is due to the powder coated bed having a lower thermal contact than a plain sheet to the hot bed. My previous experience with a PEI coated bed showed I needed a true 60 degrees for successful PLA printing and this has proved to be the case here. For tiny parts I have found that the first layer speed needs to be very low, half the profile setting, to ensure best adhesion; note that i do not use any glue sticks or other help that often spoils the surface finish. I'm really impressed with the overall surface finish that is achieved using the provided profiles combined with the excellent mechanical stability of the design. The image shows fun items but the printer will mainly be used for engineering projects. Sorry for the rotated image . . . no editing available!

Posted : 25/09/2018 1:18 am