Strange stringing effect around print  

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Hi everyone,

I'm totally new to 3D printing, and I received my preassembled Prusa i3 MK3S in the mail yesterday.

While testing it, I noticed there's an odd stringing effect around the bottom of the prints. Attached is a photo of this when I tried to print the bed level test, and also when I tried to print the Prusa logo (after about 10 minutes it separated from the steel sheet, and I think the two issues are related).

If anyone knows what's going on, I'd be really thankful if you helped a newbie out!

Posted : 14/08/2020 8:07 pm
Peter M
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Your first layer if to high.

And clean bed with dish soap .

Both settings are to get filament stick better.

The first layer should be pressed down a little bit.

search on forum on - first layer calibration

Posted : 14/08/2020 8:20 pm
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Lowering the extruder using Live-Z fixed the problem.


Posted : 14/08/2020 9:20 pm

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