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Prusament petg extrusion burnt their filament at the end  

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Prusament petg extrusion burnt their filament at the end

Hi everybody, since yesterday I literally can’t print anything in my new prusa i3 mk3s mmu2s, it has less than a week and it is doing weird things. I have printed more than 60 successfully hours of print but not anymore.

Yesterday I lost a print of 15hours just because the extrusion wasn’t consistent. Using prusament petg ( from store and original prusa petg ) profile this piece of my lack v2 wasn’t able to be finish.

In fact I had to replace the nozzle, now, with a 0,6 mm nozzle the end of the filament locks burnt, and is doing crepy sounds as it’s smells like burnt.

Printing settings ,
Prusa mks3 with mmu2s single 0,6
Profile prusament petg
And 0,35 layer higth.

Temperature is in between 230-245
230 to change the filament in the video you saw, and in the first layer 245

Hope you guys can help me.   VIDEO OF THE PROBLEM.

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Posted : 30/03/2020 10:30 am