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        Hey there, I recently just built my Mk3s and I have noticed a rattling sound when it's printing. I have pinpointed it down to the Y-axis. The bed is able to shift slightly. The U-bolts and bearings are all tightened properly (I have even tried tightening them more than usual but still no fix). I have also tried spacing the Y-axis smooth rods to make it so they are further apart to potentially help the ability for the bed to move but it still does. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the sound:

Posted : 16/06/2020 2:01 am
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Hi, this is normal behaviour.

It was making bad noise on mine also, some vibration of the bed (but after 40 days of print), one of the reason why I did changed recently to igus on Y.

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Posted : 16/06/2020 5:39 pm
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Oh okay, So you swapped to the Igus Drylins? Or a different type of Igus? Also did that fix/improve the rattle?

I noticed a lot of people with this problem. Im just getting some unwanted layer lines/shifts and I feel like it may be one of the issues. Thanks so much for the help.

Posted : 16/06/2020 5:43 pm
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Did you ever solve this? I have the exact same on my 3 weeks young MK3S+ 🙁

Posted : 04/01/2021 11:32 pm
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I think i just tried some random bearings off amazon, not the try self-lubing ones, but ones that were very similar. And then found the ones that seem to fit the rod the best. I would also try loosening the Y axis rod holders and push them further apart from each other. I still have a little rattle but it is natural for these to do this and over time it gets better.

Posted : 05/01/2021 3:46 am

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