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Potato Chip (Parts pulling up off the bed)  

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Potato Chip (Parts pulling up off the bed)

I am self taught and only recently met another person who uses 3D printers. His printer isn't Prusa, but he has the same issue. Combined we have used PLA, PLA+, PETG and ABS. We are trying to corner the issue and correct it.

When the print starts then the first layer is stuck on the print bed. But as the part is built higher, the outside edges start to peel off the bed. It can't be seen by your eyes at first, but a piece of paper can fit under the edges. As the print grows higher then the potato chipping grows worse. Eventually, the whole print can potentially pop off the heat bed.

We investigated the adhesion. But now I am believing something else is at play.

I get parts where the first layer stays on the bed and the potato chipping is pulling the second layer away from the first layer. The potato chipping is happening above the first layer. 

Additionally, my parts widen and taper out. If I print a cube, the bottom will be more spooned the higher the print goes. The sides will continuously taper out and never recover to being perpendicular sides.

I suspect this is not only adhesion and not only first layer height. I wonder if because I am using the smallest nozzle then a bad setting is amplified in effect. I wonder if I am feeding a last decimal place or two of too much material into the extruder.

How do I find where I can back off the feed rate a touch. I'd like to see if that improves the condition.

Thank you.


Posted : 25/01/2020 8:47 pm
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RE: Potato Chip (Parts pulling up off the bed)

Picture are really the way to go with with issues like, can you add some?

Posted : 25/01/2020 9:22 pm
Rocket Bison
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RE: Potato Chip (Parts pulling up off the bed)

What @neal-p is describing is what I'm seeing in a part I just printed:

Part printed in Nylon-X peels up off the heat bed in the corner

I printed this in MatterHackers NylonX last night on my Prusa MK3S. I laid down a coat of Magigoo Pro PA before printing. The part looks great other than the flatness issue on the base from the peel-up.

It's my first part in NylonX. I'm worried about this issue when I start printing bigger parts.
(I haven't seen this issue in the PLA parts that I've printed.)

I'm hoping that there are basic settings changes that help to mitigate this peel-up issue.

Thanks for your help,

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Posted : 10/09/2020 3:57 pm