PINDA Adjustment Video Tutorial [Still Needed]  

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   After failing to successfully print ABS.....I put some new PLA back in my printer. I am resetting everything and I realize in the XYZ calibration the extruder/hotend is not close enough to the build plate.

I know I need to adjust the PINDA, but I don't know which way.............

I watched the Youtube i3MK3 New User Guide video [link here], and of course he mentions the possible need to adjust the PINDA --- but there's NO EXPLANATION on how to adjust the PINDA, and no official video on this.

This is soOOOOOOoOOOOoo frustrating. You spend more time trying to figure out how to print, than actually printing.

Where's the video on adjusting the PINDA for the i3 MK3????

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Posted : 03/06/2020 1:11 am
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If you have previously done a correct mounting of PINDA and done "First layer calibration", you do not need to adjust PINDA anymore.
To calibrate a perfect first layer, use only the "Live adjust Z" menu item.

If you have calibrated a perfect first layer with PLA then you do not need to do any new calibration when switching to PETG, ABS or other material. If you have problems changing material, it is probably due to the wrong Z-level or the bed is dirty (fingerprints)

Guide for mounting and adjusting PINDA.

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Posted : 04/06/2020 2:59 pm

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