Not enough red Haribos to follow the instructions  

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By assembling ours Prusa i3 Mk3 S Kit, we have got some issues at step 42 of the manual - there are not enough red Haribos 😳 ; who got some of them left? Otherwise we have to return the printer, because we are unable to continue assembling it strict to the instructions.

Thanks for your help!

Posted : 23/03/2019 6:43 pm
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Yes. This should definitely be added to the spares bag, but only if it doesn't worsen backorder queue.

And.... it must be the European Haribo, not the less flavorful, American variety which masquerades under the same name.

Posted : 23/03/2019 7:41 pm
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I would think Turkish Haribo's could fill in

I have a Prusa,therefore I research....
Posted : 23/03/2019 7:57 pm

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