New build success with printing, but having some extrusion or other interesting print problem

New build success with printing, but having some extrusion or other interesting print problem  

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New build of Original Prusa i3 MK3S+.   Benchy was my first print after a z adjustment.  But on other following prints, began to see something that looks like extrusion problems.  Or my diagnosis is not correct.  Have enclosed benchy and a calibration print.  The benchy seemed to print cleanly.This is my benchy after first calibration.

  shows example of clean print


 The 3x3 print below seems to exhibit both underflow and overflow extrusion, and some z level issues.  I have 2 questions and am open to comment.

1)  How does the super pinda function and calibrate itself?  Can it have problems with a possible uneven bed?

2) If the picture below shows over extrusion on top row, under extrusion on middle row, and possibly some general Z nozzle issues, how to address problem? 

This is my first post, so I hope the detail in the picture comes through.  You may have to zoom in some, the picture is detailed enough if detail is preserved.


Posted : 23/02/2021 3:48 am
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Your first layer is much better than many we see with adhesion problems here, it is, if anything, a fraction too squished.  Make a note of your current live Z value so you can go back if you overdo it and try raising it until those ripples go.

Turn on 7x7 mesh bed levelling.

And clean the steel sheet with dishwashing detergent (Dawn/Fairy) and plenty of HOT water, rinse well and dry with a fresh paper towel. Handle by the edges only.  You have visible fingerprints on the plate and one of them runs into the adhesion failure in the bottom right square in a manner that clearly illustrates the effect.

Hth, Cheerio,

Posted : 23/02/2021 10:49 am

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