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MK3S w/ MMU2S to MK3S+ Upgrade instructions  

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MK3S w/ MMU2S to MK3S+ Upgrade instructions

Hello all!  I have been happily printing away on my MK3S w/ MMU2S for a while now.  Recently, I managed to break the wires on the hot-end thermistor thanks to a gummed-up hot end after a failed print.  So, I figured while I was ordering replacement parts, I'd go ahead and do the "Plus"-upgrade at the same time while I have things apart.   My question is, I can only find resources for rebuilding the extruder/hot-end for taking a MK3S to MK3S+.  But, the MMU2S uses different parts (including filament sensor and several replacement parts for the hot-end when adding the MMU2S)...  Can anyone point me to any sort of documentation or videos that show how to properly upgrade to the MK3S+ with MMU2S?  

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 20/09/2021 8:59 pm