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MK3S + MMU2S upgrade to MK3S+  

Pablo Lereu
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MK3S + MMU2S upgrade to MK3S+

Hi there,

I currently have the MK3S with MMU2s attachment. I just bought the MK3S+ upgrade and I wanted to know what upgrade instructions to use.

The current instructions are for MK3S to MK3s+ but nothing that mentions if the MMU2s is already attached. 

I wanted to know if there are some steps that should be modified or skipped in order to accomodate the changes that are already made when the MMU2s was added. 



Posted : 06/06/2021 3:54 pm
RE: MK3S + MMU2S upgrade to MK3S+

Mk3S to MMU2 was pretty much rebuild extruder to have a sensor tower + add reverse bowden tube connector and upgrade the  firmware

Mk3s+ needs to change Y rod supports, Ybearing fixings, revise the X axis  and rebuild the extruder...  I suspect you need to do all of the Mk3S+ upgrade, but when doing the Extruder follow the mk3s+ to MMU 2S upgrade steps instead and load the correct firmware to the printer and the MMU2S

then adjust the supapinda, manually, and run a full configuration, including deleting old settings


regards Joan

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Posted : 06/06/2021 6:53 pm