Missing parts for MK3S build at #7, Heatbed and PSU assembly.

Missing parts for MK3S build at #7, Heatbed and PSU assembly.  

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Order 192380380

Up to the heatbed/PSU assembly, all went well. Now at the heatbed portion, I have no small bag of screws, nuts, spacers, and whatever else should be in there. The bag for 7 only contained the four cables, and the cable cover and clip.

I need someone to send the small bag of parts so I can get on with this build. 

I could not find a simple way to contact Prusa other than via this forum.

Thanks in Advance.

Posted : 17/12/2019 11:16 pm
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Click the EShop button above, sign in, then click the Chat button in lower right.

That is Support - and they will fix you up.

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Posted : 18/12/2019 1:47 am
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Excellent illustration of why it is wise to check all items are present before you begin work.

Hope you get your parts soon!

Posted : 18/12/2019 6:57 am

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