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mintemp error, hotend killed ?  

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RE: mintemp error, hotend killed ?


Posted by: @swiss_cheese

It sure does seem like I've been seeing a lot of this lately, meaning posts with nozzle leaking. what is going on?

BTW, that image shows a poor nozzle install, text book how not to do it kinda stuff.


Posted by: @cwbullet

I think people are not following the instructions for assembly.  

First thank you for your replies, even though thats not what I wanted to hear^^

Secondly I bought this printer assembled from prusa directly. I never changed anything on  it, just took it out of the box and let it print. If that is a recurring problem something most be wrong with their QC.


Side question: is it possible the faulty install caused any kind of damage to the hotend ? The printer has almost 4000 print hours and they were obviously all done with this install.

Sadly I won't be able to do the repair attempt today as it seems I don't have a fitting wrench here but will try tomorrow or monday.

Last question am I right in assuming I can fix the install by taking out the nozzle and then screwing it back in with the appropriate distance or will I have to take apart the whole hotend ?

Posted : 05/12/2021 1:58 am
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You know Max, this is not aimed at you, but we have been seeing a lot of these kind of posts since Covid_19. especially  on the per-assembled Machines.

I don't know the reason for them, but I know what the problem is, and for the per-assembled machines it's sad but true that the nozzles and heat breaks need to be reset propeller. we have been seeing a lot of this lately, the fix is simple enough. unfortunately it's folks that don't know about such problems that are having them.

Most likely you have not had any issue that can't be fixed by setting your nozzle at the correct distance, this is why in many cases it is recommended that you assemble your machine yourself, because it teaches you in a very basic way all the things you will need to know as you move forward in your hobby, or career, in the case of product designers as I am. you can fix this yourself.


So Max, it is most likely that you just need to adjust your nozzle and heat break into their proper positions to correct your issues. this is like owning a truck, either you learn how to fix it yourself or you pay someone else to fix it for you. no Chilton manual for the printer, but the users of the forum are happy to help. Pay close attention to the images provided prior to this post, they are showing you  what you need to know.  


Good Luck



The Filament Whisperer...
Posted : 05/12/2021 2:53 am
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