Loud noise from Y carige  

Krystof Vazac
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I build MK3S+ 2 days ago everything is perfect but Y carriage is really loud, I cleaned the bearing is IPA regreased them but the sound is still there. Thanks for help 

[video width="3840" height="2160" mp4="https://forum.prusaprinters.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/20210131_115836_1-1.mp4"][/video]

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Posted : 31/01/2021 11:22 am
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That sounds like resonance. Something is vibrating on the movement of the Y axis. Obvious spots to check, from my experience:

  • grab the power supply housing and squeeze it a little
  • give the bed a small push upwards from below, especially near the linear bearings
  • push the pcb of the LCD from the backside
Posted : 01/02/2021 7:46 pm
Dan Rogers
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Couldn't get your MP4 to do anything.  Here's what I did to quiet my Y carriage.  Take a large tough zip tie, and then strap the Y motor to the back chassis member (back of printer, left side).  Strap the edge of the motor farthest away from the pulley.  Pull it tightly so that the annoying sound stops.

On my printer, and on others here who have tried the same, the bracket that holds the Y motor leaves the motor housing a hairs width from the back chassis.  When the motor activates, it buzzes against the back chassis.  Add strap.  Welcome to the world of quieter printer.  

Another buzz that I solved with a zip tie is the front panel cover - which sits on there quite loosely, buzzing away whenever the frequencies are right.  Right around the middle - with the zip tie across the little screen.  It's not pretty, but to stopped buzzing.

Posted : 02/02/2021 5:56 pm
Krystof Vazac
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Posted : 02/02/2021 6:11 pm
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Vibration are transmitted to the frame. You could look at installing a stepper damper or check where it's layed on, if it's a wooden desk or something empty and lightweight then vibration will be transmitted and amplified.

Ppl have been suggesting cheap heavy tile paver layed on a bike tube and then on a desk or whatever platform. Apparently it quieten stuff completely. I'll try it soon

Posted : 02/02/2021 6:27 pm

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