Light stringing and large booger on presliced benchy  

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First test prints here. Can anyone suggest solutions for the issues that I'm/you're seeing?

I presume that blob that ended up the stern was excess from a previous print? Is there a preprint checklist available?

Is the light stringing normal? Is there a way to reduce this?

Any other issues you see and can advise on?



stringy benchy stern, with booger

Posted : 30/10/2020 7:21 pm
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Hard to know where the blob came from, but could be preflight ooze though that is supposed to be left at the purge line. The stringiness could be filament that isn't fully dry. 

I'd try a different spool of filament before worrying about the stringing, and do a few prints before worrying too much about the bomb drop.

Other than that - yeah - that is a fine looking benchy.

It is always wise to get more than one opinion... as for trusting Prusa? No way man....
Posted : 30/10/2020 7:25 pm
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How quickly will PLA absorb moisture? I'm sure the answer is 'it depends' but I broke the seal on the bag about a week ago during assembly to get some filament to align the extruder gears, and then it was loosely wrapped in plastic with the desiccant until printing, in a cool PNW basement (65F/17C) probably 50ish% RH.


Posted : 30/10/2020 7:35 pm

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