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Is my powder coated sheet... uneven?  

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Is my powder coated sheet... uneven?


Just look at the picture and you will get my problem. In the centre the nozzle is too high, on the outer lines it's too low. Does anyone have an idea? Could it be that I just have an uneven print bed?

What didn't help so far:

- Lubing bearings

- Reassembling the Y carriage

- Leveling the bed

- Any types of calibration methods (bed height adjustments, mesh leveling, 7x7 etc.)

- Checking over every bolt and nut

- Checking if the X axis is leveled

- Running self tests

- Resetting to factory

- Cleaning everything (so there is nothing between the printing bed and heatbed and so on and so forth)

- Talking to support for 4 hours (not very helpful in this case)


What I still need to try:

- Just ordered two smooth sheets to see if this only occurs on the powder coated sheet


Posted : 04/04/2020 9:20 pm
RE: Is my powder coated sheet... uneven?

7x7 mesh bed leveling?

Scrubbing the build plate with soap and water, rinsing well with Hot water,  drying with plain paper towels, 
Not using IPA afterwards, 70C heatbed, 

not touching the build plate with your fingers

readjusting Live Z again

I try to make safe suggestions,You should understand the context and ensure you are happy that they are safe before attempting to apply my suggestions, what you do, is YOUR responsibility. Location Halifax UK...
Posted : 04/04/2020 11:53 pm
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RE: Is my powder coated sheet... uneven?

I got it fixed for a while now, forgot to reply. Sanding the sheet with 400P sand paper fixed it. I have two textured sheets and only with sand paper I could get both to work properly. 

Posted : 22/05/2020 11:59 am
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RE: Is my powder coated sheet... uneven?

PINDA based leveling system measures distance to the metal plate, not surface of the PEI. If PEI coating is not perfectly uniform in thickness, there will be 1st layer thickness variation despite good PINDA measured mesh leveling.

Posted : 24/05/2020 3:00 pm