Help with first layer oddites [New Build]  

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So my first layer calibration has went well and produced a little rectangle that looks pretty good... but when I try to print this happens.

The Triangle is the bottom right of a large calibration square, the other is a batman logo. 

Its at -1800 (meaning my pinda is likely a little too low). 


Posted : 08/04/2020 12:08 pm
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Your two pictures show that the Z level is still a little too high. Since you do not want a Z value higher than -1.000, you should raise your PINDA.
If you loosen the locking screw slightly and then screw the PINDA counterclockwise 0.75 turns (= 0.75 mm) then the Z value becomes better.

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Posted : 08/04/2020 3:25 pm
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The batman logo shows the infill isnt reaching the perimeters so before you go adjusting the z height you might want to check that your pulleys arent loose on the motor shafts for X/Y.

Posted : 08/04/2020 3:58 pm
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Thanks for this is made a big difference, any idea on fixing this? 


No photo description available.

Posted : 08/04/2020 5:40 pm

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