Hard to load and Auto load problem solved. Hope this is useful.

Hard to load and Auto load problem solved. Hope this is useful.  

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I had an issue with the filament not quite lining up with the tube despite everything being installed correctly. I had a few useful comments, none of which cured the issue. One comment however mentioned a query from the printer regarding "correct colour extruding" that I had never seen coming from my printer. Autoload reported it was on, Filamet sensor said all was well and I thought that was normal....until that comment.

It turns out that the filament sensor was reporting all was well when in fact it wasnt doing it's job. As per the instructions I checked the magnets and the connections. I checked the ball was free and the pivot part was working as well. It turns out the sensor was too tightly screwed down. Please note when installed I didn't "horse" it tight in my normal manner I slowly tightened it until it didn't wobble about. Slackening it off just a bit whilst watching the menu Support/Sensor state change cured the problem.

Sorting this has made life a joy. I can pause prints unload and reload different colours without the worry of bashing the Z axis out of whack.

I hope this is helpful to others who, like me, are not new to printing but new to better kit.




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Posted : 25/05/2020 9:50 am
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Joan posted that she had attached a LED to the sensor so that operation was obvious. Given the issues with filament sensors, Prusa would be wise to duplicate this, if only because it would make Chat diagnosis dead easy.

Posted : 25/05/2020 2:26 pm

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