First Layer Perimeter Errors  

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Hello Prusa Community,


I'm new to Prusa and I just assembled my first Prusa MK3S printer. When I print, no matter what I do, the perimeters of the part always have errors. This leads to roughness of the part surface and also produces gaps between the shell of the parts and their infills. The inifills themselves also appear to have gaps, but I am not experienced enough to know if these gaps are problematic. I have attached pictures of the effects on the first layer of a simple hollow circle for demonstration (although this form of error is present in all parts). In the part below, the errors are always in the exact same places with respect to the orientation of the printer.


Further, I have already attempted the following solutions:

- Cleaning the board with IPA

- Calibrating XYZ

- Self Test

- First layer calibration (any shallower, and the filament becomes impossible to remove from the bed)

- Tightening both belts (and verifying with the belt test feature)

- Mesh bed leveling

- Calibrating the extruder (changed to a 1.087 extrusion multiplier)

- Slowing first layer printing to 75% speed

- Ensuring Retraction on layer change and wiping while retracting are both enabled


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Posted : 06/10/2020 6:22 pm
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First, all of those fingerprints will come back to haunt you. Keep hands, toes, and fingers well clear of the print surface. Use soap and water to thoroughly clean the print sheet. Alcohol won't work well for you as it will create a very nice microscopic film of hand oils you've deposited. So when thing start not sticking to the sheet, try to remember this conversation.

It also looks like your belts and / or drive pulleys are loose. You need to ensure the set screws are installed/aligned to the motor shafts correctly, and that the belts were tensioned properly.

It is always wise to get more than one opinion... as for trusting Prusa? No way man....
Posted : 06/10/2020 6:43 pm
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It's fixed! I can't believe the issue was as simple as realigning and tightening the X-axis pulley!

Thanks for your help and quick reply!

Posted : 06/10/2020 7:40 pm

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