First build, weird extrusion issue.  

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Hey guys, Finally got around to finishing the build. I followed all directions perfectly and double checked everything. I'm getting an odd extrusion issue. My other printers would kick the crap out of this print but I'm having issues with this one.

If anyone knows of a fix that would be very much appreciated!!

I do need to adjust the offset, but not sure that it is the issue.

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Posted : 31/07/2020 12:12 am
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Looks like your z offset needs bringing way down.  (ps your bed needs a good clean too, to remove the finger oils where you have been touching it 🙂  )

Posted : 31/07/2020 7:09 am
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Problem solved. 😀

Thanks 😀

The finger prints were because I had just finished building it... They need to include a bottle of vodka and a second pair of hands instead of gummies. LOL.

Posted : 31/07/2020 7:56 pm

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