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First assembly issues / questions  

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First assembly issues / questions


I assembled my i3 MK3s kit last weekend and have been putting in through its paces the past week. I've only had a Monoprice Mini Select v2 before so I had a couple of things I was curious about and wasn't sure if they were actual problems with assembly or are acceptable:

1. The LCD knob works fine for spinning, but the click doesn't always work. It always 'clicks' but doesn't take maybe 40% of the time, so I have to click a couple times to select anything. I've tried reseating the LCD case with no success.

2. At the end of every print, and it doesn't matter if it is PLA or PETG, there will be a line of filament from the top of the printer to the nozzle as it homes. I've tried several different brands of each Here are some pictures:

3.  During a print or even the self-test, the extrude 'clicks' like it has something loose inside of it. I seem to only notice it when it's in the middle of the X axis, and I can reduce the noise greatly if I hold the filament right before it goes into the extruder:

Filament / extruder noise

Vibrating / grinding noise in print

Vibrating / clicking in larger print (I tried to edit this in youtube but it didn't seem to take, so link is to 15 seconds in of a 42 second long video. If video is ~30 seconds long, it would start at the beginning)

Extruder clicking during rapid movements in print

Extruder clicking during slow movements in print

Extruder clicking / vibrating during self-test

Clicking during Z Axis Self Test

4. Extruder makes a groaning noise, but it only seems to be in the first layers and in the middle of the x axis. It does not appear to be scraping or otherwise affecting the print when it happens:

Groaning noise in print

5. Are these noises normal?

Fan spin down noise in self test - vibrating / clicking?

Noise passing over large infill


Any advice, even if it's just 'that's normal' would definitely be appreciated! 🙂

Posted : 22/05/2020 7:01 pm
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RE: First assembly issues / questions

Another video from last night, this one seemed especially noisy. I tried tightening all visible screws again and I'm afraid if i tighten any more the plastic is going to break. The U bolts don't appear to be loose, nor does the metal sheet. If I press down on various parts while printing to try to stop the vibrations, I can't. Any thoughts?

Posted : 24/05/2020 7:17 pm