First 3d printer and my 1st Benchy.  

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over the weekend I've managed to build the Mk3s printer and started to print some test object. After watching the youtube video for fixing the first layer and some other small issue, I've decided that the was time to test the printer with Benchy.
I'm completely new to 3d printing and the result looks good to me, but there are some imperfections and I'm not sure if and how to fix them.
Any suggestion on what went wrong and how to improve it?


Posted : 17/09/2020 5:38 pm
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Your Live-Z looks good. Close but not distorted. I suggest trying to slice Benchy yourself and compare your results to the pre-generated gcode. Post your results and comparison pics and you should get a lot of good suggestions on how to tweak your slicer settings. Congrats on your 1st result!

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Posted : 17/09/2020 6:00 pm
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Before printing Benchy again I did some calibration, checked that the screws were tightened properly and printed a few other models to test.

After all of that I did slice Benchy as you suggested and printed it again:

and IMO the result looks better now.

Posted : 20/09/2020 10:10 am

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