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Finished assembly feedback...  

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Finished assembly feedback...

1)Got the Y axis backwards.
Had to disassemble and fix when heatbed would not mount.
So a more  specific warning that Y axis has a left/right would be helpful.


2)Wireing,It would be way easier to do final wiring if the door /electronics opened to the outside, rather than the inside of the printer.
IE turn the electronics mount/door around 180 degrees so one had clean access from the outside.

3)The warning about breaking the magnet needs to be larger and in big print, thank you for providing a spare set of magnets.

Very nice manual, very clear instructions, I enjoyed building the printer.










Posted : 07/02/2021 11:16 pm
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RE: Finished assembly feedback...

You should send this by email to Prusa.  I am sure they do not get a lot of positive feedback.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 08/02/2021 10:35 am