Extrusion curls and blobs on filament load  

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I've been printing pretty successfully with my MK3S for a while now, but now I'm having an issue I can't quite get solved. Over the weekend I upgraded my heater block from the stock aluminum, to the plated copper version. While I had everything apart i also switched out the standard brass nozzle and installed a .4mm tungsten carbide nozzle. Since I I put everything back together and made sure the nozzle was properly tightened I've been getting a weird extrusion during filament loading. the filament is curling and sticking to the nozzle. I've run cleaning filament through it and that works fine, and I've done cold pulls which come out clean. I'm going to add a video of what is happening if that helps. Does anyone have any helpful hints to help solve this problem?





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Posted : 13/07/2020 5:00 pm

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