Extruder rattle on very quick/small movements  

Daniel McKay
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Ok so build went well enough, have issues with IR sensor which there is a spacer for (hopefully works!). Prints doing well, but I have a rattle/clicking sound on very small quick movements I’d like to diagnose if possible.


Ive owner 3D printers before and I’m aware of “clicking” that occurs when you have a clog or the extruder is skipping- I don’t think this is it, my prints do not show any sign of under extrusion and the noise is not the same from what I’ve seen commonly on these forums.


Some background, these are thumb nuts and bolts for a camera mount. Each one is maybe 3cm give or take, and I think the problem is I have this set at 40% infill using gyroid, which is obviously going to make some very small gyrations. If I can’t figure it out I will make sure to use another infill type on these size parts, fwiw my other first prints did not have this problem (at least so noticeable.)


Thank you in advance for any thoughts.


Video of rattling

Posted : 13/06/2020 4:24 am

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