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Extruder have friction x-axis  

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Extruder have friction x-axis


I've built the I3 MK3s+ kit.

First my prints came out really nice. however i tried a bigger model and it had a layer shift (about 50mm up). So i started looking for reasons to this online and saw this video from Prusa.

How to improve the quality of your 3D prints on the Original Prusa i3 MK3?

And long story short i came across this section where it said tighten these 5 screws.

Well I did but I only had 4 screws and one was a bit loose. I didn't tighten it very much or so i was careful.

However this is were things went from good to terrible. I saw the extruder move on the xaxis in a choppy motion like something gave it resistance. I tried the belt test many times, however I didn't connect the dots that it was the backplate that was tightened that actually made it happen. Belt test said loose pulley x motor and I tried, then i released the belt one tooth and assembled the backplate again. I got about 240 to 250 with one tooth. So i figured i tried to loose the backplate a bit, got to 260 on the belt test and occationally 265. But never above. If i loosen the belt more it will just jump over a tooth, but never show over 265.




















My concern is that I might have skeewd my bearings but I tried moving them and they can be pulled a little so the zipties are not very tight.

I tried lube again but its only been printing approximitly 48hours. I see no scratches on the rods, I hear nothing wierd.

I'm puzzled and can't think of anything but maybe I have damaged the bearings but it seems highly unlikely or the rods are not aligned allright? XYZ calibrations and selftest and whatnot works like a charm.

When i try printing now I see miss-shaped circles, they are skewed and stretched. So X-axis seems bad because holes made in YZ is allright.

Thankfull for all support i can get.



Posted : 29/12/2020 11:22 pm