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Extr. multiplier. Measurements vs top layer difference  

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Extr. multiplier. Measurements vs top layer difference

Hello everyone,

I've been printing for a few weeks already and I liked the idea of calibrating and improving the printer to its full potential from the beginning.

After my extrusion multiplier calibration I got the perfect 0.45mm wall (vase mode, 25mm cube, measured with micrometer (0.01mm)) but after that the top layers of every other object got over-extrusions in the corner. (see photo below)

Before multiplier, I've checked filament flow which showed perfect results and I've measured the filament diameter and added it into slicer (1.74mm). Printer first cube, got most of the measurements 0.44mm. Calculated equatations 0.45/0.44 and put the new multiplier (1.0227) into the Slicer. All the other settings were left untouched from stock prusa presets while printing cubes.

Is there any way to remove this problem because I won't be able to glue parts together if the top layer will be like this. I would like to keep precision while correcting top layer corners or extruder stops (it leaves more filament after stops).

I'm attaching first layer photo too, maybe it will help too:

Thank you in advance 🙂

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Posted : 06/07/2019 5:32 pm
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RE: Extr. multiplier. Measurements vs top layer difference

That little smudge in the top corner is from wiping. You can disable it, though you might get more stringing or other side effects. The top surface looks pretty good. You're not going to get a perfectly smooth surface. The Prusa blog post on extrusion multiplier calibration shows good examples of what you can expect to achieve.

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