Discrepancy between PRUSA test logo and Benchy  

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I tried seeking help on Reddit for some questions about my first prints on this, but perhaps I'll get better response here?



Briefly: Benchy seems fine, Prusa's visual method cube seems fine, but Prusa's test logo has obvious blemishes at the corners of the letters.  Benchy and Prusa's logo were printed straight off the SD card, as received from Prusa; the visual cube was downloaded, adjusted to 0.95 extrusion multiplier, & sliced. 

I printed one Prusa test logo at -0.500 and one at -0.600 z axis offset, and they're practically identical; both have the blemishes, and the blemishes are also virtually identical.  FYI, I cancelled a -0.400 z axis offset when the first layer fibers didn't touch, and were more like 'harp strings.'

Should I be concerned that the Prusa logo isn't printing perfectly?  Or, is this issue not with my printer, but with the file from Prusa?


All pictures and full discussion is best viewed on the Reddit thread, but I was able to capture a few and link them, below:




Prusa Logo:



Posted : 11/10/2020 3:41 am

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