Crash after every print from SD, First Extrusions  

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So I was able to get the PRUSA test print to work.  Then the printer stops at the back left corner.  I try to start a new print and it goes in to crash detection.  I use the X and try to reset and then it does the same thing.

I tried a different the benchy and it crashes right away.  I then move it back to front left and turn on and try benchy from the SD again and it crashes at the back and the prints on the back 3rd of the bed.

I have recalibrated the XYZ and the level, but I still get the same error each time.


As an edit, when it crashes I get the z 0.15?  I have a z offset of -1.400.

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Posted : 31/10/2020 12:25 am
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So more information, when using the reset and then trying to restart, I get it to try again and then print one line and go to crash detection.  It will then go all the way and print at the back for one line and then go to crash detection.  


Posted : 31/10/2020 12:39 am
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A "Crash Detection" means you have a bearing or something else dragging an axis down with too much friction and one of the stepper motors is stalling during the print attempt.  Not sure how you got past the cal phase though, that normally aborts for the same reason.  

Can you determine which axis is crashing?  E.g., reset the printer - then run Auto Home, - then use Move Axis to move X across the bed a few times, and if that works, try moving Y back and forth.

Then there are the common build problems:
-- Did you lubricate the bearings before you slipped them onto the various rods?  
-- Do you feel any resistance moving the extruder left to right (powered off)?
-- Do you feel any resistance moving the bed front to back (powered off)?




Posted : 31/10/2020 3:49 am
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It is weird, when it started this crash, it would not run the calibration anymore.  


I loosed the u-bolts and re-aligned the pulley.  things are now solved.

Posted : 01/11/2020 12:46 am
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