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Blob of filament behind nozzle  

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Blob of filament behind nozzle

This print has ended my win streak of successful prints :

34% in and 13 hours of printing i noticed the 3d print was missing a thumb on one of its hands. When i checked, i saw a blob(?)/ filament creep on what looks like a bolt behind the noozle. Im thinking this may have been the missing part(?) that probably got dragged by the nozzle or it came out somewhere the noozle area?

i got the MK3S+ as a kit, barely a week old, bone stock, have used Prusament PLA and Inland PLA with no major issues.

like a new car, is there a breaking-in period for a 3d printer? Is there anything i need to tighten around the nozzle area?

i have pictures but i can’t figure out how to post them here.. do i have to have pictures hosted?

Posted : 25/12/2020 3:31 pm