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Bad solid-infill but good top-solid-infill?  

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Bad solid-infill but good top-solid-infill?

Mk3 I3S+ printer.

My layers 1 and 2 look very under-extruded, both not filling to the perimeter and not meshing with adjacent lines. I didnt check 3-7 which are the same infill type "solid infill". Yet my z=1.6mm which is a top-solid-infill is very smooth and nice!

What is confusing me is that...

Top Solid Infill:Goal is 0.4mm, actual is 0.5mm yet looks nice - not under-extruded yet delta is 0.1mm

Solid Infill:Goal is 0.45mm, actual is 0.4mm - under extruded yet delta is only 0.05mm

My first layer calibration is not under-extruded at all so i'm quite confused?

Fist layer calibration:

Layer 1: (solid infill)

Layer 2: (solid infill)

Layer z=1.6mm (top solid infill)



Posted : 30/07/2021 6:42 pm
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Your Z offset looks a little high.  You need to make it more negative.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 31/07/2021 10:49 pm
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Topic starter answered:

Thanks - I did a first layer calibration using my own model - this allowed me to verify the G-code, also I think the firmware first-layer-cal uses a different extrusion amount or width which makes it kind of useless.

In short i didnt actually change any settings z= -1.3mm, and then reprinted the bad prints (same g-code) and they came out OK!

I think maybe it started using the calibration for a different sheet or something - who knows

So basically error unknown - bad print now works with no setting changes.

Anyway thanks!

Posted : 01/08/2021 9:09 am