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1 print in center works but multiple objects don't stick  

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1 print in center works but multiple objects don't stick

So I just got a new preassembled MK3s, upgraded from an old Dremel. I am able to print 1 part in the center of the bed but when I try to do 5 of that same part spaced around the center area some of the prints don't stick and it ends up making a mess. I've tried cleaning the bed and reran the first layer calibration a few times. The first layer test print looks perfect. Does anyone know what my issue could be?



Posted : 29/06/2019 2:59 am
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RE: 1 print in center works but multiple objects don't stick

You say you tried cleaning it, but how? Plate cleanliness is the most common adhesion issue for new users. 

I'm assuming you have a smooth PEI sheet and you are using PLA. If not, do not follow these directions. 

  1. Wash the sheet in warm water using plain dish soap. Dawn is often recommended, but the important part is that it has no perfumes or conditioners for your hands. 
  2. Only touching the edges, dry it with a lint free towel. 
  3. Repeat this once a month or as you feel is needed. 
  4. NEVER touch the print surface with your bare hands. Only touch the edges outside the print area. If you do, start over. 
  5. Reinstall the sheet on the bed. 
  6. Since these are your first prints, pour a 5cm puddle off 100% acetone (again, no additives) on the sheet and rub it into the sheet with a clean lint free towel. This is not something you should have to do regularly, just when you are losing adhesion and normal cleaning isn't doing it.
  7. Pour a 5cm puddle of 91+% IPA (rubbing alcohol) on the sheet and rub it in with a lint free towel. Do this regularly somewhere between every print or every few depending on what you find works for you. 
  8. Again. Do NOT touch the print area with your bare hands. 

The PEI sheets have great adhesion, but just a fingerprint or a smidge that you can't easily see will ruin your day. If in doubt, wash it and rub it down with the IPA. 

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Posted : 29/06/2019 5:04 am
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RE: 1 print in center works but multiple objects don't stick

Finger prints are your enemy with the PEI steel sheet.  Paper towels are best for washing, drying, wiping with alcohol, etc.  Do not use your dish rag or sponge to clean, they'll just add contaminants.  

If you ever have doubts about how clean the PEI sheet is - take a corner of a fresh paper towel dabbed with 90% alcohol and wipe it across the sheet: if you see any residual streaking the bed needs a soap hot water wash.  

I wash with soap and hot water every few prints now. Alcohol once in a while when soap doesn't get the PLA residue off.

Posted : 29/06/2019 6:29 am