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I've started learning Fusion 3D. I created a bearing holder. I then loaded the .stl to Cura as it won't work with Slic3r. Had to reduce the file to 30% to fit the bed. Fired up the Prusa and the result came out nicely. I guess I'm asking how a slicer works in regard to writing a hole of a specific diameter. Polygon stuff I don't understand? The next part I may create will likely have a specific purpose. I'd like to have the holes accurate. Is there a shrinkage tolerance using PLA I should be aware of? Thanks! Don

Posted : 21/02/2017 6:10 pm
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Hi I experienced, that using PLA i have to add/reduce all parts by 0,05-0,1 to fit parts.
Hint read on Thingiverse.

Posted : 06/03/2017 11:31 am

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