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I've read a ton of places, watched a ton of videos, and it seems like a lot of makers use a mirror on their heated bed. However, I never see anyone here talking about it (I may have just missed it). So here's the question, is a mirror a worthwhile upgrade? I've gouged my PEI a couple of times removing prints and like the idea of printing on the perfectly smooth surface of glass/mirror. 

Posted : 14/07/2020 9:53 pm
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Each to their own preferences, 

I had glass on my Mk1 Prusa, I didn't like it... 

the Mk2 was, for me an immense improvement, and the removeable build plate on later printers is even better, for me... 

I have a Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B... that came with a glass build plate... I have just replaced it with a magnetic heatbed and removeable build plate... 

Some folk love Glass / Mirrors... 

the Prusa Printers have Pinda Probes, they don't play nicely with glass build plates... 

If you do a search, you should be able to find a thread where someone has changed their start Gcode to pause whilst a glass / mirror sheet is installed after the mesh bed levelling is complete. and you may be able to find someone who has replaced the Pinda, with a BL Tough probe, to overcome the pinda probe / glass issue...   
then you have the problem of holding down the mirror/glass
I have used Swiss Clips, in Preference to foldback clips

regards Joan


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Posted : 14/07/2020 10:14 pm
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