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Eric R
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I can't seem to find anything about the error message I'm getting this morning, and wondered if anyone can help. I start a print, but the bed leveling stops at point 3 at the read left, with the message, "Some Error Occurred... Z Leveling Enforced." If I push the button, it will ask me to raise the carriage all the way to the bumpers at the top. When it gets there, it will ask if it's all the way to the top. After I click "yes," it checks the leveling points again, and the whole thing starts over.

I haven't tried anything yet - just thought I'd check the forum, and was surprised not to find anything. It seemed like a strange message, but then I'm not that terribly experienced. I did just do the upgrading to get from 2 to 2.5S. I've been able to print since then. Not sure what's different. Any advice? Thanks...

Posted : 10/01/2021 3:23 pm
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Make sure there's nothing under the build plate; even a fragment of stringing can be enough to throw the level as can a remnant of support adhering to either side of the plate.

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Posted : 10/01/2021 6:16 pm
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Also, check to make sure there's no filament hanging off the nozzle or anything protruding from beneath the extruder assembly. Check the PINDA probe to make sure it's at the right height. If the surface the printer sits on is wobbly, try putting it on a solid surface (e.g. the floor) and see if the problem goes away. Vibration can throw off calibration.

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Posted : 10/01/2021 6:24 pm
Eric R
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Thanks, both of you. And looking very closely, I see that the removable steel sheet wasn't completely flat on the bed - it was hung up every so slightly on the alignment pin. I haven't tried printing since I discovered it, but I think it's definitive enough to be a smoking gun. I'll let you know if that doesn't do it. But I appreciate the input!

Posted : 11/01/2021 12:43 am

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