Extruder badly skipping for no obvious reason  

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I've tried the following to try and figure out why my extruder is skipping:

  • Multiple cold pulls (there was no clog)
  • Idler tension adjustment and inspection (more tension made it worse, less better)
  • Firmware and Software updates (latest)
  • Hot end tear down (no clogs)
  • Resistance check on thermistor and heater (both within spec)

The only thing I've done recently is calibrate my esteps with M92 and M500 as the default was 6% under...but it was printing fine after that.

However, if I heat the hotend up to 275°C and manually push some PLA through, I am feeling quite a lot of resistance.

Not sure what else to try?

MK2.5 i3...
Posted : 26/03/2020 10:46 am

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