Shifting layers only from SD Card  

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So I appear to be having this layer shifting (in the Y-axis) issue that is only present when I print from my Prusa-supplied SD card.

Background: About a month ago my Prusa SD card was locked up and I couldn't add or delete anything to it. Then magically, two days ago I could add/remove all I wanted from the SD card.

I've been printing problem-free for the past month in my home office using Pronterface, but I wanted to move my printer to my basement to quarantine the fumes/VOCs so I put my printer on the floor in the basement. I started a print and at a certain layer shifting occurred and continued to occur every other layer. I thought maybe the motion of the printer on the floor through the print off - so I brought the printer back up to my office and restarted the print using Pronterface. Guess what? It printed perfectly.

So I build a very sturdy table in the basement and started another part from the SD card guessed it - the shifting occurred at the same layer.

My next step is to use a different SD card, but I want to know: Has anyone had issues with corrupted SD cards?

Posted : 06/09/2019 4:04 am

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