Where to find upgrade manual for i3MK2 to i3MK2.5  

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I am trying to upgade my i3MK2 to i3MK2.5, (the upgade kit has been bought long time ago- But why fix it if it aint broken)
But i can only find upgrade manual for i3MK2 to i3MK2.5S. Where to finde the right manual?

Posted : 07/04/2020 4:21 pm
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As far as I know, there is no upgrade from a i3MK2 to i3MK2.5 only i3MK2S to i3MK2.5. That link is here: https://prusa3d.dozuki.com/c/Original_Prusa_i3_MK2S_to_MK2.5_upgrade

To upgrade your i3MK2 to an i3MK2S, you need new smooth rods, new bearing and u-bolts. That manual is here: https://prusa3d.dozuki.com/c/EN_upgrade

Good luck. I am actually doing this upgrade, but I screwed up and printed parts for the MK2.5 when I have an MK2.5S kit. 🙁

Posted : 24/05/2020 5:31 am
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the Mk2 and Mk2s are so similar  there is no difference worth worrying about, if you are upgrading to  mk2.5 or mk2.5S. 

the Mk2S had better rods and bearings, which you will keep, and it had a different cable strain relief on the extruder, which you will dissassemble anyway... 

the Mk2.5 has extruder parts for the laser filament sensor, and old style e3dv6 clamp which  was not easy to extract the e3dV6 from... 
the Mk2.5S has extruder  parts for the Infra Red laser filament sensor,  and the revised e3dv6 clamp. 

dont forget  the little block for the endstop operator

the upgrade assembly guides are not particularly  easy to find! 🙁


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Posted : 24/05/2020 4:56 pm
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Maybe still necessary - here is the link to the manuals for the different upgrades:

There you should find anything you are needing for your update project.

Best regards, Clemens

Posted : 02/06/2020 11:03 am

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