MK2/S -> MK2.5 upgrade kit: PTFE tube looks wrong  

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The PTFE tube in my MK2/S -> MK2.5 upgrade kit doesn't match the description in the instructions.
The kit is from late Oct. 2017.
I'm at the point of installing the new PTFE tube in the hot-end. It's supposed to have a conical indent on one end and a "pointed" end on the other.
Mine seems to be conical on both ends. (?)
I've attached photos of both ends of the tube. I put a small black mark on one end to tell the difference between them.

Posted : 10/10/2019 10:05 pm
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My bad (I think).

It appears I was reading the (wrong) instructions for the MK2.5s upgrade, while I have a MK2.5 upgrade kit.

I'm now going through the MK2/S -> MK2.5 instructions (in the "Obsolete Manuals" section of Prusa's website) to see if they make more sense.

Posted : 11/10/2019 1:17 am

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