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Hello, when I print on abs material after 2 minutes I get the error of thermal runaway. I have used 3repetier-host to create the gcode file with 255 degrees temperature Looking at forums say that the temperature drop to 215 after the 200 degrees but this is for PLA.
and visit the pages of [url] and and this video and check what comes there and it is none of these symptoms.

And now when drop -5 degrees in configuration of ABS, i have new error BED THERMAL RUNAWAY.

What can be ?

Posted : 12/11/2017 8:06 am
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do you perhaps have the parts fan on? I had this with when printing PET G, the fan cooled the build plate too much

Perhaps you have something similar. Or external something cooling it, perhaps too cold environment

Posted : 12/11/2017 5:25 pm
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But the error is from too hot ?

UPDATE. i print the same file in PLA and it work fine....

What append ?

Posted : 12/11/2017 10:27 pm
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The thermal runaway error doesn't mean that the bed is too hot. It means that the printer notices that the bed is not heating up although it is powered on.

PLA doesn't print at the same bed temperature, so you cannot compare them.
With ABS, you're not supposed to be using the part fan, but if you do have to for a good reason, you should try to move your model away from the center of the plate. Indeed, the bed thermistor is near the center of the bed, and when the part fan is on, it cools down the bed, and the thermistor at the same time.

Posted : 15/11/2017 12:16 am
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i saw getting this issue in winter as my printer is in a drafty shed.
I did the cork tile under the bed trick and it's worked wonders.
no more thermal run away errors and the bed heats up much quicker.

Posted : 16/11/2017 1:07 pm
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I've been chasing down a BED THERMAL RUNAWAY error for some time now.  The bed heats to 100 degrees just fine and can maintain it for a hour straight.  As soon as the print job starts, it begins to drop until it reaches somewhere around 86 and give the bed thermal runaway error.  I'm not using the parts fan.  The bed LED is lit.  I replaced the thermistor.  The connections are solid.  I'm printing in my garage and the ambient temp is the same as in my house.  I've printed in those conditions for years.  I'm not opposed to the idea that it could be a short but there are only two wires responsible for bet heating, the thermistor, and the bed heating wire.  This thing has been an absolute workhorse until recently.

Ironically, I'm trying to print the parts needed to make an enclosure to help with ambient temp.

MK2, Firmware: 3.2.3, ABS 100 degree bed temp, No parts fan

Posted : 17/04/2020 3:56 am

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