New to 3D Printing and this site!

New to 3D Printing and this site!  

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Greetings everyone!
I'm a total newbie to 3D printing but I dove in and bought the i3 MK2S. It arrived Thursday and I love this machine! It's so much fun! I've designed several models already in Sketchup and printed with great success!

One thing I wonder though but don't know how to check is if my firmware is up to date? How do I check it? I do see in the manual how to update it, but I don't see how to check to see which version I'm at.

Have a great day!

Posted : 17/06/2017 2:24 pm
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Have a look at the SUPPORT section in the LCD menu

regards Joan

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Posted : 17/06/2017 6:46 pm

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