Merry Christmas Everyone...  

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I finished printing my last Christmas gift overnight.
there were about 4 metres of filament left on the roll...
guess that was what you could describe as a "Close call"

so the printer's not gong to be turned on today... as we are off out for Christmas Breakfast at my partner's son's house!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

regards Joan

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Posted : 25/12/2016 9:06 am
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Merry Christmas Joan.

And many thanks for your very helpful (and occasionally spellcheck funny) contributions to this site!

And just what are we doing here today???


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Posted : 25/12/2016 10:41 am
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Merry Christmas All!

Of course, after Christmas Eve festivities, after handing out some ornaments, I received requests for a few more... That's what I'm printing today. #Community Discussion for 3D Printing...
Posted : 25/12/2016 4:59 pm

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