LCD Screen cant read SD cards anymore

LCD Screen cant read SD cards anymore  

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Suddenly out of the blue, my SD Cards are not being read by the LCD screen anymore.
It registers when a SD card gets put in, but if I look for the card, it says no sd card.
Doesnt matter which SD card I use, the cards work on the computer and everywhere else.

I still have to swap out cables to check if they are ok, but why shouldnt they be?

Any solution?

Posted : 18/06/2017 2:47 pm
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Hi Ario,

it's possible that during a sd format, you changed the partition table style. I remember that my test showed using GPT is not supported by the SD Card reader. So you should double check and ensure that MBR is used instead.

Otherwise swapping the cable would be a good way to see if a ribbon have been damaged, you are right to try that.

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Posted : 19/06/2017 3:08 pm
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hi - it could be a really simple problem - a lot of the time it is
unless you have zapped it with static - or unplugged it without demounting it then try cleaning it
a lot of the time the contacts get dirty and the card is failed to be read
see my post here
good luck sorting it out

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Posted : 20/06/2017 12:47 pm

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