Two years of near-flawless running, now no print finishes

Two years of near-flawless running, now no print finishes  

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Recently updated i3MK2s (or MK2, not 100 on this) firmware to 3.2.3, seems where my problems started. I will get first layer and a few others on simple prints, but none finish and the first layer is not flat and clean as it used to be. But, I have recalibrated, re-sliced files, etc to no avail - first layer still looks crappy, not very flush. Bed etc is cleaned with ISO regularly enough, and pretty mint actually. Had a similar problem not long before this, but found a version issue where I sliced with the wrong model. Any help on next step much appreciated as I am dead in the water here!

Posted : 17/12/2019 3:55 pm
Dave Avery
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try cleaning with dish detergent ( dawn/fairy) and clean paper towels  - IPA can still leave oils behind

Posted : 17/12/2019 5:06 pm
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I had no problem with the firmware upgrade, I never flashed any updates since Jan. 2017.

I hit my machine with it's first update ever, the latest version. Printer is running fine, printing upgrade parts for the 2.5S upgrade kit.

Posted : 20/12/2019 4:14 pm

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