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Loadingfailure filament MMU1  

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Loadingfailure filament MMU1

Loading filament to my i3 MK2s MMU1 sometimes succeeds at once, but often it doesn't reach the end of the tube, some 5-10 cm too short. This can happen in all 4 extruders. If so I have to load a second time: not good for the gears I suggest. The tubes are tested allright.

So: what causes the problem? Is it the firmware - latest alive -, if so how can the loadinglength be changed. Or what is it?

Hope somebody can help...

Thnx in advance, Kees (from the Netherlands)

Posted : 27/11/2019 11:15 pm
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RE: Loadingfailure filament MMU1

did you check the the spring tension on your extruder gears? 
If to loose or filament gets in a bind feeding into the tubes it will slip and they it thinks it loaded it all the way when it doesn't. 
Also check and see if the gears or clogged up with filament debris , if so clean them this will make them slip too.

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Posted : 13/12/2019 4:04 pm