Just got an Original Prusa i3 MK2 from a friend, it needs some TLC

Just got an Original Prusa i3 MK2 from a friend, it needs some TLC  

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So Im super new to 3D printing so apologizes for my terms

So I just inherited one of these and the bed has some pretty bad damage and the hot end under the extruder looks black and chard, Id honestly like to replace the whole piece.
Where can I find replacement parts and good documentation on install? I have no experience with this kinda stuff. I have a Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D that I am going to be using to print housings and such for the Prusa so downtime isnt an issue.
UPDATE: I heated up my bed and peeled off the sheet and sure enough the board is fine! Gonna clean that tonight and replace.
Now I am stuck at an issue where when I go to print and the machine does a pre leveling test I always fail at the same location with a failed sensor read or filament jam. Unsure how to proceed..

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Posted : 15/02/2020 7:03 am
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Probably a broken wire in the loom to the extruder.

You may have to undo the complete loom and check each cable for cracks or slight bulges.

I'm not familiar with the MK2, does it have an option in the menu where tou can check the filament sensor?, if it does, watch it and move the head across and see if the signal drops / changes, if it does, you have a break in the cable.


That link in your post as a new member does make me wonder whether you are real or a bot?.

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Posted : 15/02/2020 10:53 am
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Yes - there is such a menu on the MK2S - I am not 100% sure it is on the MK2, but I would gess it is also there. As my printer is running through the next 16 hours I can only give the path this way (it might be different, if printer is idle):

Main menu ==> support ==> sensor info (you have to scroll down a lot !!!)

There you can see the different sensors. If your Pinda has a problem, move z-axis about 100 mm away from heatbed, make the steppers off (I don't know the right wording - so you can move the extruder from left to right and back. During doing that watch the value for Pinda - can be 1 or 0 - a broken cable is indicated by a changing value, when you go from left to right or the oposite (I think that was the procedure).

Best regards, Clemens Mödlin

Posted : 16/02/2020 6:01 pm

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